RTKLIB: Support Information for ver.2.4.1 Return

Bug and Known Problem List

No.81 A NTRIP mount point can not contain "/" (RTKNAVI, STRSVR, RTKRCV, STR2STR ver.2.4.1)

The path of a mount point for NTRIP casters can not contain "/".
It is a limtation of ver. 2.4.1. Under consideration for future releases. (2013/02/01)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.80 Hatanaka-compressed RINEX files can not be handled (RTKPOST, RTKPLOT, RTKCONV, RNX2RTKP, CONVBIN ver.2.4.1)

Some Hatanaka-compressed RINEX files can not be handled by RTKPOST, RTKPLOT or other APs.
CRX2RNX.EXE included in the RTKLIB package is an older version (ver.u.2.4.2). Such older version CRX2RNX seems to have troubles on some compressed RINEX files. Please replace rtklib_2.4.1\bin\crx2rnx.exe by the latest version windows binary, which can be downloaded at http://terras.gsi.go.jp/ja/crx2rnx.html. (2013/01/04)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.79 A numerical Exception in PPP with GLONASS (RTKPOST, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.1)

A Numerical exception arises in the PPP mode with GLONASS enabled.
Due to a bug in src/ppp.c. In case of PPP with GLONASS but withtout GLONASS navigation data, the numerical exception by "zero-deivde error" arises. It will be fixed in the next release. In ver.2.4.1, GLONASS navigation data are always necessary for PPP with GLONASS. (2012/12/06)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.78 Only GLONASS messages are recognized in RTCM 3 combined GPS and GLONASS data stream or log (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, RTKRCV, CONVBIN ver.2.4.1)

In case of RTCM 3 data stream or log with GPS and GLONASS messages like MT1004 and MT1012, only GLONASS messages are recogized. GPS data are rejected as invalid messages.
The time tag of a RTCM 3 GLONASS message is based on UTC. If the leap second before 2012/7/1 0:00:00 is not supported, the GPS message and the GLONASS message as synchronized are recognized as invalid, which have different time-tags. In this case, RTKLIB discards the former message. Please apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p7 to support the leap second. Refer No.75 as well. (2012/11/29)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.77 DOY shows +1 day offset after 12:00 (RTKPOST, RTKCONV ver.2.4.1)

In "Time " dialog shown by pushing "?" button by the side of "Time Start" or "Time End" field, Day of Year (DOY) shows +1 day offset to the proper DOY after 12:00.
Due to a bug in app/appcmn/timedlg.cpp. It does not affect to the analysis itself. The problem will be fixed in the next release. (2012/7/14)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.76 NTRIP login faild if User-ID contains "/". (RTKNAVI, STRSVR, RTKRCV, STR2STR ver.2.4.1)

If the User-ID for NTRIP client or server contains "/", the NTRIP login is failed. In this case, the User-ID and other option settings can not be saved properly.
Due to lack of consideration of "/" in User-IDs. To fix the problem, apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p7.zip. Note that a User-ID still can not contain ":" after applying the patch. (2012/6/9)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.75 1 second offset in UTC - GPST conversion after 2012-06-30 (ALL ver.2.4.1)

A new leap second introduced between 2012-06-30 23:59:59 and 2012-07-01 0:00:00 UTC is not incorporated in RTKLIB. UTC handled by RTKLIB is 1 second ahead of the UTC time after 2012-06-30.
Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p7.zip. (2012/6/9)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.74 PPP is not enabled due to incompatibility to correction message format (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.1)

For real-time PPP, v.2.4.1 comply with RTCM 3 SSR draft version (April 12, 2010) for corrections. RTCM recently has published the final version of SSR as Amendment 5 [1], which changed several message formats from the draft. In case of SSR corrections based on Amendment 5, PPP is not enabled due to the imcompatibility of correction message format.
RTCM Standard 10403.1 - Amendment 5, Differential GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) Services - version 3, July 1, 2011
To use messages of Amendment 5, apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p6.zip and rebuild AP (RTKRCV). IGS plans to transfer the format of real-time orbit and clock to Adendment 5. To use these products, you also should apply the patch. (2012/5/11)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. ver.2.4.2 complies with the final RTCM3. (2013/03/09)

No.73 Invalid data read from RINEX OBS file with more than 256 character lines (RTKPOST, RNX2RTKP, RTKCONV, CONVBIN, RTKPLOT ver.2.4.1)

The RINEX OBS data fields are not propely read if the RINEX lines have more than 256 characters. It occures only with RINEX version 3.
Due to a bug in src/rtkcmn.c. Wait for a while to provide the patch. (2012/2/1)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.72 Problem with minus value pseudoranges (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV, RTKPOST, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.1)

If the input pseudoranges have minus values, no positioning solution is obtained due to "lack of valid sats ns=0" error in the error/waring log or "no pseudorange" error in the trace log.
It is due to lack of consideration of minus pseudoranges. However, the minus pseudoranges are usually in very special cases (the receiver clock has synchronized to an external clock and the external clock has large offset over 70 ms, the receiver clock is not synchronized just after the receiver power-on or the receiver F/W has a bug). So the patch is not provided for the version. Under consideration for future versions. (2012/1/9)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.71 A memory access violation arises if the NTRIP option "User-ID" contains "@" (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV, STRSVR, STR2STR ver.2.4.1)

If the NTRIP option "User-ID" contains "@" characters, a memory access violation arises and the prgram freezes by the exception.
Due to bugs in rtklib_2.4.1/src/stream.c and rtklib_2.4.1/app/appcmn/tcpoptdlg.cpp. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p5.zip. (2011/12/21)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.70 Connection as NTRIP-server to NTRIP-caster failed (STR2STR ver.2.4.1)

A connection as NTRIP-server to a NTRIP-caster by STR2STR is always failed by an unauthorized error.
Due to a bug in app/str2str/str2str.c. The NTRIP-server path https://... is not properly recognized by STR2STR. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p4.zip and rebuild the AP. (2011/11/29)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.69 SNR Mask option is not enabled in Single mode (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, RNX2RTKP, RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.1)

Option "SNR Mask" (pos1-snrmask) is not enabled in "Single" as Positioning Mode.
Due to a bug in src/pntpos.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p3.zip (2011/11/09)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.68 Progam freezes if setting Solution for Static Mode = Single (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.1)

Programs freeze if the processing options are set to as follows:
(1) Setting1 - Positioning Mode = Static or PPP Static (pos1-posmode = static or ppp-static)
(2) Setting1 - Solution Type = Combined (pos1-soltype = combined)
(3) Output - Soluiton for Static Mode = Single (out-solstatic = single)
Due to a bug in src/rtkpost.c Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p2.zip. (2011/8/21)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.67 Problems fixed and some functions added (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV, RTKPLOT, RTKPOST ver. 2.4.1)

The patch rtklib_2.4.1_p1.zip is provided for the following update. (2011/8/19)

the following problem fixed: the ephemeris and SSR-corrections are temporaly unavailable at the ephemeris switch for realtime-PPP

the following problem fixed: segmentation fault on some operations

the following problem fixed: drag and drop to the input file 1 field is disabled

menu File - Brows Solutions... and File - Save # of Sats/DOP... are added
The patch is included in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.66 IODC-only-update for QZSS SV clock parameters is not recognized (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, RTKRCV, CONVBIN ver.2.4.1)

For QZSS, IODC and SV clock parameters in navigation data can be updated even if IODE and ephemeris are the same as previous (IS-QZSS-1.2 RTKLIB does not recognize such IODC-only-update. RTKCONV or CONVBIN does not output the ephemeris record including updated SV clock parameters in such case without -EPHALL option. RTKNAVI or RTKRCV can not use such SV clock parameters.
Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.1_p1.zip. (2011/8/19)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. (2013/03/09)

No.38 GUI APs can not be built by C++ Builder 2010 (RTKNAVI, RTKPOST etc ver.2.4.1)

GUI APs in RTKLIB can not be built by C++ Builder 2010 with type incompatibility errors.
In C++ Builder 2009, the standard type of strings for GUI components was changed from AnsiString to UnicodeString. So str.c_str() with str of UnicodeString returns type wchar_t * instead of char *. The code can not be compiled due to the pointer type incompatibility errors. (2010/04/26)
Ver.2.4.1 still have not supported C++ Builder 2009 or later. Under consideration for future version. (2011/05/29)
Fixed in ver.2.4.2. Ver.2.4.2 no longer supports Turbo C++ 2006. (2013/03/09)