RTKLIB: Support Information for ver. 2.4.0 Return

Bug and Known Problem List

No.65 Proxy servers can not be used to access NTRIP caster outside of firewall.

To access NTRIP casters outside of the inernal network with firewall, any proxy server can not be used.
Proxy server support is added in ver.2.4.1.

No.64 A half hour offset of time-tag in converted RINEX OBS files (CONVBIN ver.2.4.0)

In some environment, the time-tags in RINEX OBS files have a half hour (30 minutes) offset to proper values.
Due to a problem on converting internal time struct to calendar date/time by using standard C-library localtime(). The localtime() returns daylight time flag as the member tm_isdst in struct tm if the daylight saving time applied. The current version assumes the time-shif is just an hour. The half-hour shift did not be considered. It will be fixed in next release (v.2.4.1) (2011/03/05)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.63 POS2KML always returns read error (POS2KML ver. 2.4.0)

POS2KML always returns "file read error". Any Google Earth KML file is not generated.
Due to the same bug as No.55. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p3.zip. For NMEA, it still remains the problem same as No.59. It wil be fixed in next release (v.2.4.1). (2011/02/24)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.62 Sol1-Sol2 difference mode plot does not indicate proper values (RTKPLOT ver.2.4.0)

After reading solution 1 and solution 2 with RTKPLOT and pushing [1-2] button to show the difference between the solutions, the plots indicate inproper values in "Gnd Trk" display mode.
Due to a bug in app/rtkplot/plotmain.cpp. It will be fixed in the next release (v.2.4.1). (2011/02/04)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.61 AP running as a TCP server stops if a TCP client stops (RTKNAVI, STRSVR, RTKRCV, STR2STR ver.2.4.0)

In case that an output or log stream type of AP is set as "TCP server" and TCP clients connect to the AP, the AP stops if one of the TCP clients stops caused by some errors.
In current version, a writing socket is implemented as blocking-mode. If the socket buffer is full, "write" or "send" API blocks the TCP server. If the TCP client stops reading the socket without closing the socket, the TCP server thread stops due to the blocking socket. It will be improved in the next release (v.2.4.1) by using non-blocking mode socket. Until the next release, restart the AP in such situation. (2011/01/23)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.60 50 Hz or higher rate observation data are not properly analyized (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.0)

With 50 Hz or higher rate observation data, the analysis sometimes failed caused by misinterpretation of time-tags in the observation data.
Current version (v.2.4.0) does not support the analysis of 50 Hz or higher rate observation data. Under consideration for the next version (v.2.4.1). (2011/01/23)
Up to 50 Hz update is supported in ver.2.4.1.

No.59 NMEA solution data can not be read and displayed (RTKPLOT ver.2.4.0)

In case of reading NMEA solution data by RTKPLOT, RTKPLOT always shows the error message "no solution data : ..." and never displays the solution data.
Due to a bug in src/solution.c. It will be fixed in the next version (v.2.4.1). Wait for a while. (2011/01/23)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.58 RTKNAVI crashs due to MKL library (RTKNAVI ver.2.4.0)

In some environments, RTKNAVI crashs due to MKL library used for fast matrix computation.
Use non-MKL version RTKNAVI (rtknavi_nomkl.exe) in the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p9.zip instead of original rtknavi.exe for the environment having the problem. (2010/11/27)
RTKNAVI_MKL with MKL is incorpolated in ver.2.4.1. RTKNAVI does not include MKL-library.

No.57 The recorded raw data file of u-blox can not be replayed (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

After recording a u-blox raw data stream including RXM-RAW messages to a log file, you can not replay the log file. With the debug trace option, you find error messages of "ubx rxmraw time tag duplicated: ..." in the trace log.
Due to a bug in src/rcv/ublox.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p9.zip. (2010/11/27)
Fixed on ver.2.4.1.

No.56 Precise ephemeris is temporally not usable with ephemeris RTCM3EPH and orbit and clock correction CLK* provided by IGS-IP streams (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

With RTCM3EPH ephemeris and CLK* orbit and clock correction provided by IGS-IP streams, precise satellite ephemeris is temporally not usable in the period when the ephemeris switches to next (every 2 hours).
The RTCM3EPH stream provided by IGS-IP has a few 10 sec delay. If the update of SSR orbit and clock corrections in CLK* precedes the ephemeris update in RTCM3EPH, there is no target ephemeris to be corrected. The situation occur only in a transient period. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p8.zip. (2010/09/08)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

NO.55 Real-time PPP is not enabled with products.igs-ip.net/CLK80 (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

With the real-time ephemeris and clock in the stream products.igs-ip.net/CLK80, real-time PPP is not enabled. Only single solutions can be obtained.
At this moment (2010/9/6), the SSR satellite clock corrections in the stream products.igs-ip.net/CLK80 indicate large biases referenced to the broadcast sv clock (around 50 m = 120 ns). RTKNAVI rejected the ephemeris corrections as illegal values. Such simple reject threshold of 10 m = 30 ns for the satellite clock is not suitable for the correction based on the other time system. The problem will be fixed in the next release. (2010/09/06)
The reject threshold is increased to 1 microsec (300 m) in ver.2.4.1.

No.54 Antenna delta setting is not enabled (RTKNAVI ver.2.4.0)

If Option - Positions - "Antenna Type" checked and "Delta-E/N/U" input, the antenna delta setting is not enabled.
Due to a bug in app/rtknavi/navimain.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p7.zip. (2010/09/05)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.53 Time synchronization problem between the rover and the base station (RTKPOST, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.0)

In ver.2.4.0, with different interval between the rover data and the base-station data, "Age of differential" in solutions often indicates minus value. It seems strange compared to natural behavior because it should mean "age of differential corrections".
It is not expected behavior. It is due to a bug in src/postpos.c. The problem will be fixed in next release. (2010/08/22)

No.52 An output or log file can not be swapped between Saturday and Sunday (RTKNAVI, STRSVR, RTKRCV, STR2STR ver.2.4.0)

When the "Swap Intv" option is set to 24H in order to swap an output or log file every one day, the file is not swapped only between Saturday and Sunday (in GPS time).
Due to a bug in src/stream.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p6.zip. (2010/08/31)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.51 RTKNAVI stops by a fatal error (RTKNAVI, STRSVR ver.2.4.0)

In continuous operation, RTKNAVI rarely stops by a fatal error.
It might be due to a bug in src/stream.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p6.zip. (2010/08/31)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.50 Program freezes with BeagleBoard and u-blox receiver (RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

RTKRCV on BeagleBoard often freezes when typing a command. The problem appears with u-blox receiver.
The program freezes in decode_rxmraw() in src/rcv/ublox.c. Some complier options of gcc for ARM might bring a trouble especially as illegal instruction error. It seems due to problems of the compiler or the runtime libraries. If you have a trouble, try another compiler options. Refer this info too. (2010/08/23)
Memory access over 32 bit word-bourndary might make the troble in some ARM environment. The x86 envionment has never had such problem. Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.49 Phase measurements drop out for SuperStar II raw data conversion (RTKPOST, CONVBIN ver.2.4.0)

Phase measurements often drop out in case of converting the binary log of Super Star II receiver to RINEX.
In some versions of SS2 F/W, "Time Slew" field in message ID#23 (measurement block data) indicates minus value in spite that the field is defined as UChar type in the F/W manual (Super Star II Firmware Reference Manual Rev.5 OM-20000086). It might be due to a receiver F/W bug or just a mistake of the manual. Improper reconstruction of carrier-phase causes overflow of carrier-phase values in RINEX. To cope with the problem, apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p5.zip. (2010/08/20)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.48 Only few satellites can be enabled with IGS integrated broadcast ephemeris stream RTCM3EPH (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

With RTCM3EPH broadcast ephemeris stream provided by EUREF and IGS (www.igs-ip.net:2101/RTCM3EPH), only few satellites are enabled. Not all satellites are available.
The upset of the ephemeris sequence confuse rtk server ephemeris update (src/rtksvr.c). Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p6.zip. (2010/08/31)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.47 SBAS fast correction can not be applied for 1Hz or higher rate observation data (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.0)

In case of setting "Positioning Mode" to "Single", "Ionosphere Correction" to "SBAS" and "Satellite Ephemeris/Clock" to "Broadcast+SBAS", no solution is obtained with 1 Hz or higher rate observation data.
Due to a bug in src/postpos.c. By invalid synchronization between observation data and sbas message, SBAS correction is not available. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p4.zip. (2010/08/16).
The patch also includes bug fixing of the following problems.
(1) RTKPOST or RNX2RTKP outputs a null record in case that the solution is not available. (src/solution.c)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.46 No satellite antenna offset is applied for precise or broadcast+SSR CoM ephemeris (RTKNAVI ver.2.4.0)

In case of selecting "Precise" or "Broadcast+SSR CoM" as "Satellite Ephemeris/Clock", satellite antenna offset correction is not applied.
Due to a bug in app/rtknavi/navimain.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p4.zip. (2010/08/16)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.45 Google Earth Converter does not work (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, CONVKML ver.2.4.0)

Google Earth Converter always returns as input solution file read error. Any KML or KMZ file is not generated.
Due to a bug in src/convkml.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p3.zip. (2010/08/14)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.44 FTP/HTTP download is not initiated (RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

If configuring an input steam as ftp/http, RTKRCV does not initiate FTP/HTTP download.
Due to a bug in app/rtkrcv/rtkrcv.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p2.zip. The patch also includes the bug fixing on improper ENU-solution when the base-station position is not available and segmentation fault when executing stream command. (2010/08/14)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.43 -y option is not recognized (RNX2RTKP ver.2.4.0)

In online help, -y option can be used but RNX2RTKP does not recognize the option.
Due to missing implementation of -y option in app/rnx2rtkp/rnx2rtkp.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p1.zip. The patch also includes the manual update correcting the inconsistency to the program. To enable -y option, use -o option to specify the output file. The -y option does not work in case of output to stdout. (2010/08/12)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.42 No data can be received after once NTRIP connection down (RTKNAVI, RTKRCV ver.2.4.0)

Once the NTRIP connection down, no data can be received if the NTRIP server (caster) recovered. In this case, timeout without received data and reconnect sequence repeats.
Due to a bug in src/stream.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.4.0_p6.zip. (2010/08/31)
Fixed in ver.2.4.1.

No.41 PPP solutions can not be obtained with a single frequency receiver (RTKNAVI, RTKPOST etc ver.2.4.0)

If setting "Positioning Mode" to "PPP-kinematic" or "PPP-static", only "Single" (Q=5) solutions are obtained with a single frequency GNSS receiver. "PPP" solution (Q=6) is never obtained.
For "PPP-kinematic" or "PPP-static mode" in ver.2.4.0, dual-frequency code and phase measurements of GNSS are necessary to eliminate ionosphere effects. With single-frequency observation data, you can not get any PPP solution. In such case, RTKNAVI, RTKPOST, RTKRCV or RNX2RTKP outputs "Single" solutions instead. Single-frequency PPP with some ionospheric corrections will be supported in future versions. (2010/08/10)
Ionosphere correction by the gridded single-layer model with IONEX data and single-frequency PPP are supported in ver.2.4.1.

No.38 GUI APs can not be built by C++ Builder 2010 (RTKNAVI, RTKPOST etc ver.2.4.0)

GUI APs in RTKLIB can not be built by C++ Builder 2010 with type incompatibility errors.
In C++ Builder 2009, the standard type of strings for GUI components was changed from AnsiString to UnicodeString. So str.c_str() with str of UnicodeString returns type wchar_t * instead of char *. The code can not be compiled due to the pointer type incompatibility errors. (2010/04/26)
Ver.2.4.0 still have not supported C++ Builder 2009 or later. Under consideration for future version. (2010/08/08)