RTKLIB: Support Information for ver.2.2.1 Return

Bug and Known Problem List for ver.2.2.1

No.24 No proper default values for the time format and the base station position (RNX2RTKP ver.2.2.1)

The default time format is not cosistent to help text (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.sss). The default position of the base station without -r option can not be computed as the average of single-positions.
Due to the bug in app/rnx2rtkp/rnx2rtkp.c. Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.23 Floating point exception error when showing RTK Monitor window (RTKNAVI ver.2.2.1)

If showing "RTK" display on "RTK Monitor" window, "Floating Point Exception" error dialog sometimes appear in case of the number of satellites below 4.
Due to the bug to access the invalid array member in rtkpos.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p5.zip and rebuild AP (RTKNAVI). (2009/8/27)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.22 Unable to output solutions with the time format in UTC or JST (RTKNAVI ver.2.2.1)

If "Time Format" in "Options-Output" dialog to "hh:mm:ss UTC" or "hh:mm:ss JST", the time system of output solutions is still in GPST.
Due to the bug of output option settings in Options dialog. Apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p4.zip and rebuild AP (RTKNAVI). (2009/8/22)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.20 Decimal point format error to set the positioning options (RTKPOST, RTKNAVI ver.2.2.1)

Under the locale using ',' as the decimal point format instead of '.', the error dialog shows to set positioning option with "Options" dialog like "3.0 ??????????????".
The patch will be provided. Until the patch or the next version provided, please set the "Regional and Language Options"-"Format" in Windows Control Panel to "English" or other language that uses '.' as the decimal point format. (2009/7/14)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.18 Invalid integer ambiguity resolution in kinematic or static mode (RNX2RTKP ver.2.2.1)

In the positioning mode kinematic (default) or static of RNX2RTKP, integer ambiguity resolution does not work properly.
Due to the bug in app/rnx2rtkp/rnx2rtkp.c. Apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p3.zip and rebuild AP (RNX2RTKP). (2009/6/13)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.17 Invalid solutions with Moving-Base and Combined modes (RTKPOST, RTKPOST_MKL, RNX2RTKP ver.2.2.1)

With the processing options of "Moving-Base" as "Positioning Mode" and "Combined" as "Solution Type", RTKPOST does not output proper solutions.
Due to the bug in app/rtkplot/postpos.c. Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.16 Unable to recognize NovAtel OEM3 RGED (range compressed) messages (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, CONVBIN ver.2.2.1)

Ver.2.2.1 does not support NovAtel OEM3 RGED messages. To process NovAtel OEM3 RGED messages, apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p2.zip and rebuild APs (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, CONVBIN). (2009/6/6)
NovAtel OEM3 RGED messages are supported in ver.2.2.2.

No.15 Numerical exception on RINEX conversion of OEM3 raw data (RTKCONV, CONVBIN ver.2.2.1)

When converting NovAtel OEM3 raw data to RINEX, the program stops with numerical exception error.
If an illegal float value of SNR exists in NovAtel OEM3 raw data, numerical exeption rises on conversion to unsigned char type. Apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p2.zip to fix the bug and rebuild APs (RTKCONV, CONVBIN). (2009/6/6)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.14 Invalid "Sats/DOP" plot for 20Hz or higher sampling rate data (RTKPLOT ver.2.2.1)

Invalid "Sats/DOP" plot for 20Hz or higher sampling rate data.
Due to the bug in app/rtkplot/plotmain.cpp. Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.13 Flipped or vibrated plots of single point solutions in "RTK Map" window (RTKNAVI ver.2.2.1)

Flipped or vibrated plots of single point solutions in "RTK Map" window.
The problem appears with invalid reference position of local coordinates. Set the option of "Base/NRTK Station" to appropriate reference position in "Options" dialog after setting "Positioning Mode" to "Kinematic" temporally. Fixed in the next version. (2009/6/3)
Due to the bug in src/rtkpos.c. Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.12 Some Network RTK reference station observation data are not recognized (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, CONVBIN ver.2.2.1)

Observation data of some Network RTK reference stations supporting RTCM 3.0/3.1 are not recognized.
Current version does not handle GLONASS observation data (type 1009-1012). In case that the station sends GLONASS data in company with GPS data, RTKNAVI waits next GNSS data with "Synchronous GNSS Flag" set to "1" in the GPS data and discards it. Apply the patch rtklib_2.2.1_p1.zip to fix the bug and rebuild APs (RTKNAVI, RTKCONV, CONVBIN). (2009/5/19)
Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.8 No geoid correction outside of the neighborhood of Japan (RTKNAVI etc.)

In case that navigation option Output - Height set to "Geiodetic", no geoid model is applied outside of the neighborhood of Japan.
Version 2.2.1 includes the limited geoid model only for the area near Japan (Latitude: 120-155 deg, Longitude: 20-50 deg). Fixed in ver.2.2.2.

No.2 Unable positioning when SBAS ranging enabled (RTKNAVI)

When executing RTKNAVI with the settings of Mode=Single, SBAS Corrections Ranging=on, it is often unable to get the positioning solution.
SBAS ephemris error model is not incorpolated. Fixed in ver.2.2.2.